Tracking Devices

Whether you want better visibility over your supply chain, enhanced security for high-value freight, or more control over temperature-sensitive cargo, adding a GPS tracking device within your shipment will give you total peace of mind.

IAG Cargo, offers an enhanced monitoring and escalation service through a partnership with CargoSignal or you can choose to use your own device.


•The IATA “EMD” Special Handling Code must be added to the booking.

•The brand, type and ID of the device must be stated on the AWB.

•Please note that devices that contain lithium batteries are subject to the applicable IATA DGR regulations and shipments containing more than two such devices have to be declared as a DGR Lithium battery shipment.

For further information, please consult our FAQs and Terms and Conditions.


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IAG Cargo, in partnership with Cargo Signal, now offers customers the ability to rent a tracking device as well as benefit from enhanced monitoring and escalation services. This service provides you with door-to-door visibility of your cargo and its condition in real-time, all the time.

For customised service levels, questions or support, contact

The following Cargo Signal products are available to book now:

Available on Prioritise, Constant Climate, Critical and Secure shipments, if booked minimum 48 hours prior to departure. Subject to pre-program start-up arrangements

Time required may vary depending on location and requested service level. Some geographical restrictions do apply. Check the Cargo Signal FAQ document for further details.

Should you wish to use your own monitoring device, you must ensure your device has been approved by the operator your cargo will be carried on.

 to view our approved devices and our guide to using your own device.

If the device you wish to use is not on this list, please download the Cargo Monitoring Device – IAG Cargo Requirement checklist . Ensure that the checklist is fully completed before submission and submit to: Please be aware that the device approvals process can take up to 12 months.

Portable Electronic Devices will be accepted in accordance with the IAG Cargo Conditions of Carriage.

Please note that all tracking devices that contain lithium batteries are subject to the .