Our Products and Services

Explore our wide range of products and services designed to seamlessly transport your freight across our expansive global network. Whether you're shipping electrical goods or automotive parts, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, or have an urgent shipment that simply must fly, we have the perfect solution to fulfill all your freight needs.


Reliable and secure Airmail service, designed to meet the requirements of the world’s postal operators.

Constant Climate

Meet your quality expectations with Constant climate pharma, offering a global network solution for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products.

Constant Fresh

Optimise the shelf life of your produce with our Constant Fresh service, designed for temperature sensitive perishable products.


When you require last-minute acceptance and minimal paperwork for your urgent cargo, chose our simple and efficient courier service.


Meet your tightest deadlines with Critical - our highest-priority service with a dedicated customer service team, providing 24/7 support and updates.

Dangerous Goods

Be sure your dangerous goods consignment will always arrive safely and be handled with the utmost care by fully qualified professionals.

General Cargo

Move your loose or unitised cargo in the most cost-efficient way with our flexible general cargo service, offering an extensive network around the world.

Human Remains

Be assured your loved ones will be treated with dignity and be given the highest priority with our Human remains service.

Live Animals

Move animals of all shapes and sizes with our specialised service, providing facilities, vets and other staff help simplify the entire journey.


Get your cargo there fast with Prioritise – our reliable express service offers fast cut-off and delivery times for all unitised and loose cargo.


Be confident that your valuables are protected with our high security cargo service, offering state-of-the-art security facilities and constant surveillance.

Tracking Devices

Feel in control with door-to-door visibility of your cargo and its condition in real-time, powered by our tracking devices partnership.