Constant Climate

Constant Climate is our expertly developed state-of-the-art cold chain product for transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products as air cargo.

We know the transportation stage is a vital stage in the cool chain and whether it’s life-saving vaccines or diagnostic samples, we ensure it stays in perfect condition every step of the way during its journey with us.

Dedicated facilities at our three global hubs

Envirotainer, CSafe, Va-Q-tec and DoKaSch container leasing available

Air cargo is the fastest and safest way for pharma products to travel

Over 100 global Constant Climate network stations


For all Constant Climate bookings please fill out the appropriate form and return this completed booking form to your local IAG Cargo Office.

Our extensive network of over 100 approved stations are trained to deliver compliance to Good Distribution Practice (GDP), IATA TCR and product SOPs. Our expert teams across the world deliver the highest level of care to maintain the purity, potency and stability of the life-saving medicines we carry. We will deliver your pharmaceutical, bio-science and healthcare products around the world to wherever they are needed.

Our hub at London Heathrow remains the only air carrier airside facility to be GDP certified and WDA licensed by a national competent authority - the UK’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

Our hub in Dublin is certified under the Irish Exporters Association (IEA) GDP Passport programme and provides direct access to over 10 destinations in the USA and Canada for the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry in Ireland.

In Madrid, our GDP certified Constant Climate centre boasts over 900m2 and plays a key role in the routing of pharmaceuticals between Latin America and Europe.

Trusted by the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, Constant Climate provides both Active and Passive solutions for your cold chain needs.

Our Active solution uses sophisticated heating and cooling containers which maintain stable internal temperatures from -20°C to +25°C regardless of ambient air conditions.

Our Passive solution is designed for the transportation of pre-packaged temperature-sensitive materials and can use cold-packs or dry-ice technology to further protect the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products from life-saving medication to active ingredients. Also, our fleet of new generation aircraft makes it possible to manage the temperature of the hold throughout the flight. 

When you have an urgent shipment that simply must fly, we can combine the speed and guarantee of our Critical product with the care and handling of Constant Climate. Perfect for high-value, time sensitive pharma products where time is of the essence.

The stringent temperature conditions required for vaccines are vitally important in saving millions of lives every year. IAG Cargo are the trusted partner of Biological E. and have safely delivered billions of vaccines. Take a look at this video to find out more.


Booking Window

Up to 14 days before STD

Freight and Document Cut Off

150 min before STD*

Freight and Document Availability

90 min after ATA*

Connection Times

LHR: 180 mins unitised / 240 mins loose**

MAD: 240 mins unitised / 300 mins loose**

Please refer to local teams for network stations.**

Weight and Volume Limits

Subject to aircraft type and unit loading device

Booking Restrictions

No Dangerous Goods or product of animal origin via LHR.

We permit Dangerous Goods in ‘excepted quantities’ as intact only through LHR.

Recovery Promise

In the unlikely event that your cargo does not fly as booked we will notify you within 2 hours of ATD. We then ensure your cargo arrives at its destination within 24 hours of the original STA subject to flight schedule.

Track and Trace Availability

Track the status of your cargo here.

Allocations Accepted


Special Handling Code

Active - ACT

Passive - PCT

*Subject to station capability. Please consult the station details for further details.
**Subject to schedule

News and Insights

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