General Cargo

Cargo typically falls under one of two categories: loose or unitised.

Loose cargo is a single item that can be placed directly onto the best available space on an aircraft.

Unitised cargo refers to a group of items that are shipped together. Typically, this type of cargo is packed together on a pallet or inside a container before being placed on board.

For both loose and unitised shipments, our simple speed and pricing structure means it’s easy to find an ideal service to suit your needs.

One of the world’s largest wide-body fleets

Over 15,000 flights a week to over 350 destinations

Specific collection times for your freight and documents at the time of booking


Booking Window: Up to 14 days before STD

Freight and Document Cut Off: Perform Unitised: 2-4 hours before STD* | Perform Loose: 3-6 hours before STD*

Freight Availability: Perform Unitised: 2-4 hours after ATA* | Perform Loose: 3-6 hours after ATA*

Document Availability: Perform Unitised: 2-4 hours after ATA* | Perform Loose: 2 hours after ATA*

Connection Times:

Perform Unitised: LHR: Minimum 5 hours** | LGW: Minimum 5 hours** | MAD: Minimum 8 hours** | BCN: Minimum 8 Hours**

Perform Loose: LHR: 720 minutes** | LGW: 720 minutes** | MAD: 720 minutes** | BCN: 720 minutes**

Please refer to local teams for network stations.*

Weight and Volume Limits: Operating aircraft limits apply.

Booking Restrictions: No Radioactive on BA services. No Munitions of War allowed on any service.

Recovery Promise: In the unlikely event that your cargo does not fly as booked we will notify you within 4 hours of ATD. We then ensure your cargo arrives at its destination within 48 hours of the original STA.

Track and Trace Availability: Track the status of your cargo here.

Allocations Accepted: Block Space Agreements, Capacity Purchase Agreements and Permanent Bookings available.

Special Handling Code: Perform Unitised: BUP

*Subject to station capability. Please consult the station details for further details.
**Subject to schedule