Whether it’s delivering e-commerce orders, sending a last-minute contract from London to New York or flying someone’s personal items to their new home, Courier is a specialised premium product for bookings that require last-minute acceptance and minimal paperwork.

Our Courier service offers you fast turnaround times of just 90 minutes for both drop-off and collection and has been built around quality and speed. All courier cargo travels on specially designed documentation, ensuring a simple and efficient service.

No booking or pre-notification required if your shipment weighs less than 300kg (restrictions on certain routes)
Available across our entire cargo network of 350 destinations


Booking Window

No booking required for shipments under 300kg**

Freight and Document Cut Off

90 min before STD*

Freight and Document Availability

90 min after ATA*

Connection Times

Minimum 180 min unitised / 180 min loose**
Minimum 180 min*
Minimum 240 min*
Minimum 180 min*

Weight and Volume Limits

Maximum 32kg per piece, 1000kg per consignment. Volume subject to operating aircraft limit. Must travel in an approved courier bag

Booking Restrictions

Not allowed: Perishables, Dangerous Goods, Live Animals, Human Remains, Liquids in containers requiring special orientation, such as “This way up”, cargo subject to custom regulations or any incompatible cargo that may cause problems on board. No consolidations

Recovery Promise

In the unlikely event that your cargo does not fly as planned we will notify you within 2 hours of ATD. We then ensure your cargo arrives at its destination within 24 hours of the original STA

Track and Trace Availability

Track the status of your cargo here or download the IAG Cargo mobile app

Allocations Accepted

Permanet Bookings available

Special Handling Code


*Subject to schedule and local conditions
**Restrictions apply on certains routes