This World Pneumonia Dayon November 12, the International Vaccine Access Centre, the National Geographic Society and the Gates Foundation are highlighting the crucial need for vaccine access around the world. At IAG Cargo we are proud to support the shipment of life-saving medical shipments, such as pneumonia vaccines, not just today, but every day.

It is the single largest infectious killer of children worldwide. Yet despite having been recognised as an endemic disease since Ancient Greek times – pneumonia continues to take the lives of more than 100 children every hour, every day.

The disease, is however preventable - partly with vaccines, healthy lifestyle and timely medical intervention.

There is no reason that greater access cannot be achieved: vaccine transport – historically one of the more challenging aspects of securing global access– is comprehensively supported by networks of precision temperature-controlled solutions, offered by carriers like IAG Cargo.

These use sophisticated active heating and cooling containers to maintain stable internal temperatures, regardless of changes in the ambient temperature, and are used to transport products like the pneumococcal vaccines to where they are most needed.

As the World Health Organisation highlights, it is critical that governments also promote a set of health practices—no one intervention is enough—to avoid pneumonia in the first place. Protection with exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life, adequate nutrition, and vitamin A supplementation has had widespread positive impact. But vaccines are an integral component of these preventative measures, particularly for children who may not be able to access care easily.

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