IAG Cargo ramps up capacity between Europe, UK and US as passenger flying comes back online

- IAG Cargo increases services between Europe, UK and the USA with over 650 weekly connections
- From its hubs in Madrid, London and Dublin customers will initially be able to access 21 destinations, with plans to restart further destinations across the US
- The business has also increased the number of flights per week into New York, Austin, Miami, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and restarted services to Newark.

Today IAG Cargo announces an increased schedule into the United States, as the country reopens to fully vaccinated passengers from destinations across the world. The new schedule will service 21 destinations across the country including additional capacity into key routes and the restart of the service into Newark.

From 8 November, IAG Cargo customers will be able to access additional capacity on many destinations across the USA with the volumes of flights into New York, Austin, Miami, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, to name a few increasing. As well as restarting its direct service into Newark, IAG Cargo also plans to restart services to Baltimore, Orlando, Tampa and Las Vegas from 15th November 2021.

The increased capacity and planned re-starts coincide with peak season for cargo –as Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas ecommerce shipments in particular take hold. The business also focused on providing additional capacity on priority routes - adding wide-body aircraft to short haul European routes that feed into its main hubs; London-Heathrow, Madrid-Barajas and Dublin Airport, offering faster delivery for customers receiving freight on both sides of the Atlantic.

John Cheetham, Chief Commercial Officer at IAG Cargo said: “We are delighted to see the United States open up once again to passengers, and the impact this will have on cargo capacity; the full reopening of the transatlantic travel corridor is a pivotal moment. With peak season in full swing, one of our busiest trading lanes is linking USA, Europe and UK – this additional capacity will be of great benefit to so many of our customers.

“IAG Cargo is now serving 21 US destinations and additionally, we’ve added wide-body aircraft within Europe that feeds into our main hubs and onwards to the USA. For example, we’ve added the A380 for peak season to service London and Frankfurt – an important hub for the automotive industry.”

IAG Cargo has continued to facilitate regular shipments between Europe and the UK and the United States throughout the pandemic. Popular items shipped have included high volumes of automotive parts from Southeast Asia, transferred via Europe, into the United States, as well as sporting equipment, food and drink and ecommerce items like home office equipment and pharmaceuticals such as COVID-19 vaccines.

The full list of IAG Cargo’s services for the USA can be found here: https://www.iagcargo.com/en/network/

For further information on IAG Cargo, please visit www.youtube.com/user/IAGCargo or alternatively, visit www.iagcargo.com

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