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IAG Cargo partners with Kuehne+Nagel to advance Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

  • Kuehne+Nagel is reducing its Scope 3* carbon footprint by part-funding IAG's purchase of six million litres of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

  • The SAF is scheduled to be delivered during 2023 as part of IAG Cargo and Kuehne+Nagel’s commitments to decarbonising air cargo

  • The SAF will be produced from used cooking oil and food waste, and reduces CO2 emissions by at least 80 per cent compared to conventional jet fuel

IAG Cargo, will reduce cargo customers’ supply chain Scope 3* emissions by partnering with Kuehne+Nagel, who will part-fund IAG's purchase of six million litres of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in 2023. The SAF, which will be certified by ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) and produced from used cooking oil and food waste, will have at least 80% lower lifecycle emissions than conventional jet fuel and will reduce over 15,000 tonnes of CO2 on a lifecycle basis.

IAG was the first European airline group to make a commitment that 10 per cent of its fuel needs would be fulfilled by SAF by 2030, and this purchase supports IAG’s acceleration towards this goal. IAG has committed $865m in future SAF investments and purchases to date, with agreements in place with a number of suppliers in the UK, US and Spain.

David Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer at IAG Cargo said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Kuehne+Nagel once again to address Scope 3 CO2 emissions for their supply chain. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and contributing to the wider sustainability goals of the aviation industry. This purchase is a key step in achieving these objectives and is a great example of how IAG can help its customers decarbonise.”

[IAG Cargo first partnered]( with Kuehne+Nagel in 2021 to power a charter chain of 16 flights from Stuttgart to Atlanta, and this latest deal builds on the long-standing partnership between Kuehne+Nagel and IAG Cargo.

Yngve Ruud, Member of the Management Board of Kuehne+Nagel, responsible for Air Logistics, commented: “To achieve genuine decarbonisation in our industry, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is currently the most effective solution, and we are dedicated to increasing its supply as part of our ambitious climate targets. Working closely with our suppliers and promoting the deployment of these fuels with reliable partners such as IAG Cargo is crucial to accomplishing our goals and enabling our like-minded customers to transport their products in a more sustainable manner.”


*About Scope 3 emissions

*Scope 3 encompasses emissions that are not produced by the company itself, but by those that it is indirectly responsible for, up and down its value chain.

As businesses advance towards a carbon-neutral future, they are increasingly partnering across their value chain to achieve further emissions reductions. SAF is the single largest decarbonisation lever for airlines, but SAF has a significantly higher price and lower availability than conventional jet fuel.

By partnering with its corporate customers, IAG airlines are able to purchase more SAF and reduce their Scope 1 (direct) greenhouse gas emissions; corporate customers also benefit by lowering their Scope 3 (supply chain) greenhouse gas emissions from flying.

About IAG Cargo

IAG Cargo is the single business created following the merger of British Airways World Cargo and Iberia Cargo in April 2011. Following the integration of additional airlines into the business, including Aer Lingus, Vueling and bmi, IAG Cargo now covers a global network. In 2022, IAG Cargo had a commercial value of €1,635 million.

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About Kuehne+Nagel

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