Whether it’s replacement equipment, last-minute orders, or made-to-measure spares, there will be times when shipments are so vital they simply must fly. Critical is our non-off-loadable product for shipments that require more than just speed.

With new and enhanced shipment monitoring, priority check-in desks at London Heathrow and Madrid, as well as guaranteed capacity with no restrictions on size, weight or volume, Critical will stop at nothing to ensure that shipments are securely accelerated through our network to their final destination.

Critical is available for Constant Climate shipments as well. Offering IAG Cargo’s highest onboard priority for temperate controlled pharma shipments.

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Guaranteed capacity, with no restrictions on size weight or volume of cargo, subject to aircraft limits
Dedicated fast-track check-in desks at London Heathrow and Madrid to ensure freight is expedited onto our aircraft
Highly trained Critical Service Team, dedicated to shipment monitoring, customer service, last minute and out of hours bookings
Our Critical performance guarantee offers a 50% refund of freight charges, subject to terms and conditions

The Boeing Company

Nothing showcases our dedication to serving the needs of the emergency shipment market than the global businesses that entrust us with their time sensitive cargo. From formula one tyres, to aircraft spares, when something urgently needs moving, we're there to get it done. Watch below to see how we partnered with Boeing helping them move critical shipments across the globe. 


Booking Window

Up to 14 days before STD

Freight and Document Cut Off

90 min before STD** (London 120 min / Madrid 150 min)

Freight and Document Availability‚Äč

90 min after ATA**

Connection Times

180 min unitised / 240 min loose**
180 min unitised / 240 min loose**
240 min unitised / 300 min loose**
240 min unitised / 300 min loose**

Weight and Volume Limits

Operating aircraft limits apply for loose freight**

Booking Restrictions

Not allowed: Livestock, Human Remains, Valuables, WET Goods, Dangerous Goods*, No Customs Productions

Recovery Promise

In the unlikely event that your cargo does not fly as planned we will notify you within 2 hours of ATD**. We then ensure your cargo arrives at its destination within 24 hours of the original STA

Track and Trace Availability

Track the status of your cargo here or download the IAG Cargo mobile app

Performance Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your cargo does not fly as planned we will refund 50% of freight charges, subject to terms and conditions

Capacity Guarantee

Guaranteed Capacity for all shipments subject to aircraft and operational limitations

Allocations Accepted

Block Space Agreements only

Special Handling Code


*Subject to station capabilities

**Subject to local conditions and flight schedule.

Performance Guarantee Refund Request

At IAG, we're committed to offering you the highest levels of service. To demonstrate our commitment to service delivery, Critical offers a performance guarantee so should your cargo not fly as booked, we'll refund 50% of your freight charges - subject to the specific terms and conditions of this product. The performance guarantee covers pre-paid shipments only.

In the event that your shipment is eligible for this guarantee, and in order to request a refund, simply submit the required information in the fields below. We will advise on refund eligibility within 4 working days.