E-booking Guide FAQs

Make bookings, track shipments, save time – welcome to the e-booking guide FAQs. Here you'll find our most frequently asked questions. To view our e-booking guide click here.


Welcome to IAG Cargo, doing business with us has never been easier. To get started your company needs to register for an account. Follow the simple instructions here.

how can I reset my password?

When logging in, click the forgotten password link. If the email does not arrive, please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder in your inbox.

For further assistance, please contact helpcargo@iagcargo.com.

Why am I not seeing any availability?

When searching for availability the system is checking to see if the dimensions, weight and product code are available and match a rate. If you enter dummy data (e.g. 1 x 1 x 1) you may not find a rate, so please ensure the dimensions of your shipment match your real requirements.

How do I book into my allocation?

Click on the "ALLOCATION" tick box and select the allocation type. If you do this and are not finding your expected availability, please double check your search matches your allocation (product, commodity type, date, weight and dimensions).

For further assistance contact ebookingsupport@iagcargo.com

Why am I not seeing my rate or my allocation?

It is likely that what you have searched for does not match the criteria for your rate. Please contact your sales representative or ebookingsupport@iagcargo.com for assistance.

Why is my booking UNSUCCESSFUL?

If you are unable to complete your online booking please contact ebookingsupport@iagcargo.com who will be happy to assist you.

Some destination countries require a specific commodity description so General Cargo, Other Goods and Consol will not be accepted (for example to JED).

how do I make bookings for different registered forwarders and origins?

If you require additional IATA accounts added to your profile, please contact: 
helpcargo@iagcargo.com who will be able to assign them to your account. You will then be able to select the forwarder you wish to use from a drop-down list located underneath the AWB entry box.

How do I make a change to a booking?

Simply click on your booking, click the ‘EDIT’ button below your Air Waybill number and make the required changes before resubmitting the booking.

For further assistance, please contact ebookingsupport@iagcargo.com.

How do i make an urgent booking?

When your booking is the highest priority you will be best served through our 24/7 Critical team, who provide a premium service for must-fly shipments.

Contact the Critical team:


+44 (0) 208 738 4101

To find out more about our Critical service, visit the product page.

If your urgent cargo is below 60kg and less than 80x80x80cm and the overall booking is less than 300kg then this can be booked online.

What is the best way to book specialist shipments?

For Live Animals, Human Remains and Constant Climate we recommend booking these offline, directly with your local IAG Cargo sales representative.

We are working on integrating all shipments into our e-booking platform in the future. To make a booking in the meantime, please speak to your local sales representative, or contact us here.


To arrange travel for your pet cat or dog transport, please visit the Pets page, fill in the form to provide details about your pet and their travel needs. A trusted third-party pet travel partner will contact you directly to arrange your pets’ travel plans.

How can I find out more about IAG Cargo’s products and network?

To hear about the latest developments as they happen, from new routes to new products and promotions, sign up here.

Discover where we fly on our network page.

Whether you need to fly endangered species, ship life-saving drugs, or have essential parts that must fly, IAG Cargo is here to support your business.

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