Device Tracker FAQs



Which tracking devices can be used?

The following devices have undergone rigorous testing for approval across our network:

  • Controlant C10.01®(on EI flights this device may only be used without an external temperature probe)

  • OnAsset Sentry 500 FlightSafe TM and Extended Battery

  • 7P Solutions GD100 Tracker

  • Sendum PT300D​

What if the tracking device I want to use is not on the approved list?

The tracking devices on our approved list have been tested to ensure they conform to our air safety regulations. If your device type is not on the approved list, please inform your sales agent. If there is strong customer demand for another type of device to be approved, we may decide to perform the appropriate tests to confirm it fulfils our air safety requirements.

How to use tracking devices?

The above list of devices are approved on board all British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling and Level  aircraft, however they may not be used on any interline shipments or on shipments connecting to other carriers. Devices must be securely placed inside the shipment and may not have any loose components.

How to book a shipment containing a tracking device?

All tracking devices must be declared at the time of booking. Please inform your sales agent of the fact that you will be using a device, as well as the make and model of the device. Guidance on online bookings can be found below.

The device ID along with the make and model of the device must be declared on the Air Waybill under ‘Handling information’. In addition, the ‘Tracking Device Checklist’ must be completed and accompany your shipment with the rest of your documents This checklist can be found here

It is your responsibility to follow the IATA regulations on Dangerous Goods. This also applies if shipments contain tracking devices with a lithium battery content higher than the minimum permitted.

If your shipment falls under the category of Dangerous Goods, only intact shipments will be accepted (no loose bookings).

How do I book a tracking device on-line?

Ensure you select the option ‘I want to use a tracking device’ and select the make and model of the device you will be using. Follow the same Air Waybill and document checklist requirements as detailed above.

What happens if I notice a deviation (e.g. in temperature, location, humidity) during the shipment’s journey?

Please follow the normal process for escalating issues to your service teams. Although IAG Cargo will endeavour, as always, to assist in any shipment issues, there are no special intervention processes  when a device is being used.

What happens if my device isn’t working correctly?

For any technical questions associated with your tracking device, please contact the device manufacturer directly.

Will my device be handled by IAGC Operations?

No. Your device must be appropriately packaged inside your shipment and will not be handled by our Operations team. Your shipment will not receive extra handling time or additional checks.

Are there any additional costs involved when using a tracking device?

No. You may use your own tracking device free of charge across our network.

How do I buy a device?

Tracking devices are widely available via any of the device manufacturers listed in our approved device list.

Does IAG Cargo have access to data on my shipment that has been obtained using a device?

IAG Cargo reserves the right to request any data obtained on a shipment that has travelled across the IAG Cargo network. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details on data usage.

What are the benefits of using a tracking device?

Using a tracking device will give you detailed information about your shipment during its journey. Depending on the device used, your tracking device can provide you with information on the real-time location, temperature, and humidity of your shipment, as well as shocks and changes in luminosity.


Should you have any questions that are not answered by this document, or require further information, please contact your sales representative. For technical questions, please contact the device manufacturer.