Life at IAG Cargo

IAG Cargo is not only a place to work – it’s a vibrant, diverse and passionate community. Every day we encourage our colleagues to bring their enthusiasm and dedication to everything they do, and to be their true selves.

Diversity and Inclusion

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We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone, regardless of who you are or what you do for IAG Cargo, feels seen, safe and supported. We take pride in being a place where everyone can belong- regardless of background, beliefs, interests, or experiences.

Our journey so far

Diverse representation

Our workplace is somewhere that brings together curious minds, collaborative actions and determined attitudes – no matter what our differences are. In fact, we believe that our diverse experiences have the power to foster closer collaboration and unity.

Inclusive workplace

We continue striving to make IAG Cargo a great place to work where each individuals contribution is recognised, curiosity is rewarded, and diversity thrives. Our goal is to be a place where every single person feels seen, understood and heard.


Wellbeing matters to us. At IAG Cargo, we recognise the importance of both mental and physical health. We have a range of services to care for our colleagues including a team of mental health first-aiders and a supportive employee assistance programme.

Gender equality

We remain dedicated to our long-term ambition of building an inclusive environment, characterised by responsible leadership and equitable experiences for all. This includes boosting the representation of women in roles across the business, committing to equal pay practices and ensuring that our remuneration practices are bias-free.

We continue to encourage and support our senior leadership programmes, as well as nurturing our talent pipelines.

What we celebrate

International Women's Day

Each year, we shine a spotlight on our impressive female colleagues in celebration of International Women’s Day. Previously, we hosted panel discussions and we sponsored the Transport and Logistics award at the Every Woman awards.

People Not Labels

Our differences make us great. Bringing together contrasting skills, qualities, backgrounds and beliefs makes a winning team. We listen to everyone’s views, show compassion and embrace different opinions without judgement.

It’s Great To Be

Our Great To Be campaign was launched in 2022 to show our commitment to working environments where we can all belong. This includes special events covering a huge range of diversity and inclusion topics where everyone can learn, share experiences, join conversations and have fun.

Celebrating women at IAG Cargo

At IAG Cargo, we proudly celebrate inspiring women who drive change and excellence in their fields. This article shines a spotlight on some of the remarkable women at IAG Cargo who are pivotal in driving our business forward.

Discover what it takes to lead impactful change from our Chief Transformation Officer, what it’s like working as a team leader at our New Premia facility, and how the industry is continuing to make strides in supporting women through the perspective of our Commercial Manager in India.

Our values

Curious Minds

A place for people who love nothing more than asking questions and solving problems.

Determined Attitudes

To keep things on track requires people to work together – digging in, showing resourcefulness and bringing total commitment to the table.

Heartfelt Pride

Taking pride in what you do and being proud of what you achieve.

Collaborative Actions

Build relationships with colleagues, get up and go see other teams across the business. Develop ideas with your customers, solutions with your suppliers.

Current vacancies

Explore our jobs portal to discover a range of current vacancies and find your next career opportunity today.


Our commitment to our employees encompasses a range of benefits designed to enhance overall well-being.

At IAG Cargo we aim to have a diverse workforce that reflects the communities that we work within and the customers that we serve. We believe that different perspectives and backgrounds drive creativity that deliver better results. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that appreciates the value of diversity and attracts, engages and develops the best talent in the industry.

Download our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report.

Download our 2024 Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement