Toulouse–Blagnac Airport
Toulouse, France

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Passenger Aircraft

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Customer Support

Monday to Friday: 09:00-17:00

IAG Cargo 10 Rue du Pave Zone de Fret 5 Roissy 95705 France


WFS: Export: +33 5 611 64091
Import: +33 5 611 64092

Monday: 06:30-21:30 Tuesday to Friday: 07:00-21:30 Saturday and Sunday closed

Aérogare de fret - Bâtiment 9 31700 Blagnac France

Important information

"AVI: no special facilities, immediate pick up only, no import commercial animals. Embargo: VAL/MUW/SWP"

Cut off times
Subject to change, check with station

Cut-off time before STDAvailability after ATA
General Cargo360 minutes360 minutes
Critical & Prioritise90 minutes90 minutes
Live Animals
Open for import?Open for export?Cut-off time before STDAvailability after ATA
240 minutes180 minutes