Birmingham Airport
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Passenger Aircraft

Road Network

Customer Support

From the UK: +8444 727 400
International: +44 208 8977 034

Monday to Sunday: 06:30-11:30

IAG Cargo, Heathrow Airport, PO Box 99, TW6 2JS


Monday: 06:30-23:59
Tuesday to Friday: 24 hours
Saturday: 00:01-14:00
Sunday: 06:00-18:00

Swissport, World Cargo Centre Air Cargo Centre Birmingham International Airport Birmingham B26 3QN

Important information

Truck Services only for BA (British Airways): No VAL, HUM, AVI, Secure or Constant Climate. Flights only for EI (Aer Lingus): No VAL, Secure or Constant Climate.

Cut off times
Subject to change, check with station

Cut-off time before STDAvailability after ATA
General Cargo360 Minutes360 Minutes
Critical & Prioritise90 Minutes90 Minutes