Constant Climate from IAG Cargo is trusted by some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and delivers all the care and precision you need. Whether transporting vaccines, biotech products, diagnostics samples, or any other temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical material, Constant Climate ensures it stays in perfect condition every step of the way.

Our Active solution, using sophisticated active heating and cooling containers, maintains a stable internal temperature regardless of changes in the ambient temperature. This solution supports temperatures from -20°C to +25°C.

Our Passive solution is designed for the transportation of pre-packaged shipments to maintain the desired product temperatures. This solution protects the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products from life-saving medication to active ingredients.

State-of-the-art aircraft holds and warehouse facilities
GDP certified with 110 pharmaceutical stations worldwide
Vertical specialist team and dedicated, managed service
Trusted by the world’s top five pharmaceutical companies

IAG Cargo | Biological E. Limited


Through our partnership with Biological E. Limited, we’ve shipped two billion vaccine doses across 90 countries, helping to provide access to vaccines and therapeutics around the world.