From fresh flowers to exotic fruit, seafood to confectionery, our experienced team and specialist facilities ensure speed and reliability. Our high-class precision temperature-controlled facilities are specifically designed to keep your perishable items fresh and optimise their shelf life.

We ship to over 350 global destinations and offer 2,000 same-day connections meaning we are ideally placed to be your partner in the transportation of your perishable shipments.

Aircraft hold temperature settings are monitored throughout the flight
Direct to airside facilities, reducing transit time
Dedicated perishable handling facilities in Madrid and London
EU approved Border Inspection Posts (BIP) at London Heathrow, Gatwick and Madrid
Dedicated 'cool and fast' trucks used exclusively to transport perishable goods between aircraft holds and the perishable-handling centre at Madrid airport

Kenya Horticultural Exporters

Nothing showcases our dedication to speed and reliability than the global businesses that entrust us with their perishable cargo. From raspberries to tenderstem broccoli, when fresh produce needs moving from farm to store, we’re there to get it done. Watch below to see how we partnered with Kenya Horticultural Exporters helping them export 7500 tonnes of perishables every year. 

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