Airbus A320

Technical Specifications

Total in Service 67
Capacity 0.5 tonnes: 2 AKH
up to 177 passengers passengers
Range Up to 2,231 miles (3,717km)
Engines Two General Electric/SNECMA CFM56-5A1s
Cruising speed Up to 530mph (853kph, Mach 0.78) at 35,000ft (10,668m)
Length 123ft 3in (37.6m)
Wingspan 111ft 3in (33.9m) Hold door Sizes: Hold 1 - 49in x 71in (124cm x 180cm) Hold 3 - 49in x 71in (124cm x 180cm) Hold 5 - 34in x 37in (87cm x 94cm)