Unaccompanied Bags

Whether you're moving to another country, or just need to transport a few pieces of extra luggage, you can do so worry-free with our Unaccompanied Bags service.

Unaccompanied baggage can only contain personal items, such as clothing, musical instruments, books, or sports equipment.

Cost-effective solution for transporting unaccompanied bags
350 global destinations


We do not offer the Unaccompanied Bags service directly to members of the public or non-account holders from London Heathrow and Gatwick. Unaccompanied bags can only be accepted from a freight forwarder.

We recommend contacting your local freight forwarding agent for more information. Alternatively, you can contact First Luggage who can make all the booking arrangements directly with IAG Cargo on your behalf.


For information and bookings on shipping unaccompanied bags from the USA or Canada, please call 1-866 333 2292.


Contact your local IAG Cargo office for more information on shipping unaccompanied bags from other destinations. You can find your local office number here.


  • All goods must be packed appropriately for transport by air.

  • IAG Cargo reserves the right to open and inspect any shipment for security screening and Customs purposes.

  • When transporting personal effects to the UK, Customs Duty and VAT charges may apply.

  • Goods may be held for examination by HM Customs prior to release.

  • While every care will be taken, we recommend insuring your baggage before shipment.

The following items that cannot be carried by the Unaccompanied Bags service

  • Dangerous items i.e. those with explosive, flammable, infectious, toxic or other hazardous characteristics (as defined in the IATA Dangerous Goods regulations).

  • Livestock or perishable goods.

  • Valuable goods i.e. those requiring special security handling.

  • Samples or good for resale.