High Value

We have custom-built facilities that offer the highest levels of security and protection if you are looking to transport valuable items. We transport prestigious art collections, currency, gems and precious stones and are the chosen cargo partner for some of the world famous collections at the British Museum.

Security and safety is paramount and if you need to ensure your consignments are transported safely, our exceptional high-security service provides total peace of mind. Our staff and customers must also meet strict security vetting before using the specialist facilities.

Extensive secure network that maintains our exacting standards of security and discretion
Dedicated, custom designed handling area incorporating state-of-the-art security technology
Valuable cargo is only ever stored in vaults that are 100% secure
Constant CCTV surveillance and active human surveillance patrols at all our vaults and stringent screening for our personnel

The National Gallery

Nothing showcases our dedication to safety and security better than some of the iconic brands that entrust us with their precious cargo. From Picassos’ to Rembrandts’, when irreplaceable artwork needs moving, we’re there to get it done. Watch below how we partnered with The National Gallery as sponsor of the Monochrome: Painting in Black and White exhibition.