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Wide-body service operating daily from 20/09 to Moscow, Russia (DME) from London Heathrow (LHR).

Increased capacity on wide-body airbridge DUB-LHR-DUB, now operating on days 1,5,7 as EI174/EI175.

Wide-body airbridge MAD-LHR-MAD operating daily with two times daily on 1, 4 & 6.

Last updated: 21/09/2020 14:45 GMT

UK outbound

Origin / Destination Flight number Planned start date Operating days* Aircraft type
LHR-AMS** BA430** 16/06/2020 3,4 787
LHR-ATH** BA632** 01/08/2020 5 787
LHR-DME** BA233** 16/05/2020 Daily 787
LHR-DUB** EI175** 17/07/2020 1,5,7 330
LHR-LCA** BA662** 30/04/2020 4 787
LHR-MAD** IB3167** 14/06/2020 Daily 350
LHR-MAD** BA460** 01/08/2020 1,4,6 787
LHR-ZRH** BA712/714** 23/04/2020 4,6 787

UK Inbound

Origin / Destination Flight number Planned start date Operating days* Aircraft type
AMS-LHR** BA431** 16/06/2020 3,4 787
ATH-LHR** BA633** 01/07/2020 5 787
DME-LHR** BA232** 16/05/2020 Daily 787
DUB-LHR** EI174** 17/07/2020 1,5,7 330
LCA-LHR** BA663** 30/04/2020 4 787
MAD-LHR** IB3166** 14/06/2020 Daily 350
MAD-LHR** BA461** 01/08/2020 1,4,6 787
ZRH-LHR** BA713/715** 23/04/2020 4,6 787

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